Why You Should Have Your Own Toybag *Regardless* of Your Role or Orientation

Why You Should Have Your Own Toybag *Regardless* of Your Role or Orientation

This is primarily aimed at those who play casually and/or with multiple people, and might not be applicable (at least, in its entirety) to fluid-bonded partners.

Some toys are porous and can not be sanitized for use between partners. Unfortunately, leather toys are on that list. There are things that can be done to minimize the risks of cross-contamination when using porous toys, but it’s difficult to eliminate them entirely, especially if the same set of toys are being used between partners frequently. Which brings me to my next point…

Your standard of hygiene and risk management re: safer sex/kink might be different than the people you’re playing with. I use medical grade cleaner on my toys & hang dry my floggers (& other porous toys) between uses. I also don’t make a habit of using porous toys (including my leather collection) between partners casually. This is my personal comfort zone, and having my own toys (as a bottom, especially) allows me to stay within it.

As a bottom or receiver of sensation, having your own fluid-bonded toys reduces the risk of cross-contamination & allows you to make informed choices regarding your own (sexual) health. If you’re into rope, this might mean carrying a dedicated set of crotch & mouth ropes in your bag. If you’re into impact play, it might mean carrying a set of fluid-bonded floggers. If you’re into sensation play, it could mean bringing your own wartenberg wheel, and so on.

As a top or giver of sensation, it’s nice to have a safer alternative to multi-person toys when appropriate, which is much more feasible when the bottom-type brings their own kit. While there are plenty of non-porous toys that are safe to use between partners with proper cleaning procedures in place (and I would definitely recommend that top-types invest in a few!), it would suck to accidentally break skin with a set of leather florentine floggers during a casual play scene. Some top-types may choose to acquire certain toys with the intention of only using them on a specific partner, which is another valid option, but that’s not always practical (financially or otherwise) for casual play.

You are responsible for your own fulfillment, regardless of your role or orientation. It’s not always reasonable to assume that the people you’re interested in playing with are going to be comfortable sharing (all, or any of) their toys, or that they’re going to have the right toys to suit your filthy, kinky needs. 😉
So, If you really want to play with gags, needles (which need to be replaced after use, a responsibility that maybe shouldn’t always fall on the top) and.. I don’t know, blow-up dolls, it makes sense for you to work on building your own collection of those things.

Aftercare and safety are not the sole responsibility of the top / giver of sensation. In addition to toys, it is also a good idea to bring anything else that you might need or want before, during or after you play, or in case of an emergency. First aid supplies, emergency contact information, medication, lube, condoms, intimate toys, batteries, water, snacks, towels, gloves, a blanket and a change of clothing are just a few examples of what additional supplies might include, depending on what (and where) your plans are.

Ultimately, whether you’re a kinkster, a top-type, a bottom-type, or anything in between, it’s easier to play when you come prepared — and I always try to be prepared to cum. 😉

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