Review: Stim by Servant Sex Toys

Review: Stim by Servant Sex Toys

A few weeks ago, the kind folks over at Servant Sex Toys offered to send me a toy of my choice in exchange for an honest review. After browsing their website, I quickly locked my eyes on the Stim.

The Stim arrived discretly enough in a well-padded envelope. Inside, the toy was sealed in a simple, clear plastic bag, with “Servant Sex Toys” and “Made in Canada” stickers on the front. Servant Sex Toys is an up-and-coming Canadian company that specializes in handmade, silicone (body safe, non-porous) toys. I requested that my Stim be crafted in blue, but they also offer a variety of customizable colours, along with two different levels of silicone firmness. My Stim makes use of their hard/firm silicone option (which I believe is what they recommend for this particular toy), but you can also order a softer version.

After unpacking and cleaning my shiny new blue friend, the first thing I did was haul out my strap-on harness to check how comfortably the larger base (which also makes this toy anal-safe) would work in it. What I discovered is that while the Stim did fit fantastically in my leather harness, the base was too large to functionally work in my Sportsheets thigh strap-on. This definitely isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re interested in using this toy for harness play — some harnesses may not be able to accommodate the larger, thicker base as well as others.

Another thing I noticed right away was how quickly this toy accumulates dust. Despite washing it only a few minutes before trying it on, the sleek and shiny surface was still completely covered in fluff by the time I shot the header photo above.

I didn’t have the opportunity to really try the toy out until a few days later, and honestly I was a little bit apprehensive about it. The shape of the Stim is what initially drew me in, but it’s definitely one of the largest toys in my collection. Most of the toys on the Servant Sex Toys website seem to be a bit on the larger size, actually, so that’s also something to be aware of if you’re used to using smaller insertables. Anyway, my girlfriend had sent me a text earlier in the day asking if PolyHusband and I had plans for the evening, so naturally I invited her over to “watch me test out this big cock!”.

Once she arrived, the three of us ventured upstairs to the bedroom, where I sprawled out happily on my back until I finally decided that I was going to try to insert this little blue monster. I took a generous amount of water-based lube and worked it down the head and shaft of the Stim, before attempting to slide it into my pussy. This would probably be a good time to mention that I have vaginismus, which basically means that sometimes my body doesn’t like having vaginally penetrative sex (of any kind) as much as my brain does. It can be painful. It can be impossible. Toys of any size can be problematic, but larger toys can be especially difficult to manage, sometimes. Eventually I’ll write up a full post on vaginismus and what it means for me specifically, but just to give you a bit of context in the meantime.

To my surprise, however, the Stim slid in much easier than I thought that it would. The squishy silicone was filling, but not very painful (see: vaginismus) or overwhelming. Once the head was fully inserted, the majority of the shaft slid in seamlessly. Although I couldn’t insert it all the way to the base (the thickest part of the toy was just a bit too much for me), both of my partners were surprised by how much of it I could insert comfortably. PolyHusband and I took turns gently rocking it back and forth to stimulate my a-spot, as I laid back to take in how it felt.

At this point I was already mewing happily, but since I rarely orgasm from penetration alone, I soon decided to whip out my Lovense Ambi (bullet) to add a little clitoral action to our play. It didn’t take long for me to climax this way (several times, actually), and I definitely enjoyed clinching around the Stim while my pussy spasmed with pleasure.

Overall: Honestly, I like this toy even more than I thought I would. The shape worked great for stimulating my a-spot, though it works fine as a g-spot toy as well, and my fear of it maybe being ‘too large’ for me turned out to be unfounded. As a silicone toy, it’s made out of a truly body-safe material that’s easy to clean, with soap & water, toy cleaner or by boiling. And Servant Sex Toys were lovely to correspond with.

Want to pick up a Stim of your very own? Head over to to browse their great collection!

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