Mini Review: Blush Novelties Safe Sex Toy Bag (Large)

Mini Review: Blush Novelties Safe Sex Toy Bag (Large)

A few weeks ago, Blush Novelties hosted a raffle to win one of six uniquely coloured dildos, and I was lucky enough to have one of my entries drawn as a winner. The prize packs included a one-of-a-kind Luxe Mio dildo (which in my case, came in a wonderfully vibrant orange), along with one of Blush Novelties’ Safe Sex Toy Bags, in a size large. I plan on writing about the Luxe Mio at some point in the future, but since I’m a bit of a sex toy storage fanatic and I’m always on the hunt for interesting toy bags, pouches and other storage solutions, I decided to go ahead and give this one a small post of its own.

Both the Luxe Mio and the Safe Sex Toy Bag arrived discreetly in a well-packed, plain box, so I managed to avoid any awkward moments with the UPS man… this time. The storage pouch itself came in its own appropriately-sized retail packaging, as seen in the photos above.

First impressions? Oh goodie, another white storage bag.

Look, sex can get messy. Why companies keep insisting on making white sex toy storage pouches is beyond me when there are so many other (*cough* better) options to choose from. Black? Red? Purple? Blue? Green? Rainbow?! BASICALLY ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHITE, PLEASE. That said, I’m not sure how susceptible this specific material (a polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, and synthetic leather mix) actually will be to staining, so that’s more of a general pet peeve of mine than a valid criticism at this point, especially since the Safe Sex toy bag is also machine washable.

The material itself is soft, smooth and feels pretty nice to the touch. The inside of the bag contains antimicrobial properties to help keep your toys bacteria-free, and the entire thing is made with a lintless material to cut down on the number of dust bunnies. The large bag can store toys up to 9 inches long, or even several toys depending on the size and shape (keeping in mind that certain materials shouldn’t be stored together), making it a pretty good travelling companion.

The only other issue that I have with the product is this: the drawstring that’s supposed to cinch shut definitely does not stay put, making it less than ideal for discreet storage. As soon as I pull the cord closed, the bag quickly pops back open again unless I take an extra step to tie off the end, which I would need to do if I wanted to make sure that none of my toys would fall out while they’re packed away.

Overall: It’s okay, but it could be better. It’s a decently sized sex toy pouch that can get the job done in a pinch. I appreciate that they’ve used a lint-free material with anti-bacterial properties, and that the bag is machine washable. I don’t love that it only comes in white, or that it won’t actually stay closed when I try to cinch it shut… but those things may not matter to you as much as they do to me. Additionally, it’s possible that my Safe Sex Toy Bag could be faulty and that others might be better at staying cinched, but since I’ve only owned this one so far, I don’t know either way for sure. Feel free to let me know if you’ve had a different experience with these, though — I’d love to hear about it!

Want to try something by Blush Novelties for yourself? Head on over to SheVibe and take a look at their great selection.

I’d also like to thank Blush Novelties and @DuckyDooLittle for hosting the raffle that allowed me to write this review. 🙂

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