The Baby Bear Boutique: First Impressions & Halloween Onesie Review

The Baby Bear Boutique: First Impressions & Halloween Onesie Review

The Baby Bear Boutique is a fairly new company on the adult onesie scene, and after seeing their halloween bodysuit promotions come across my social media feed earlier this summer, I was excited to give them a try. I placed my pre-order in the middle of August, and I believe that they began to ship out in early September, with a guaranteed arrival date before Halloween. Knowing that the sizing was supposed to run a little large, I went ahead and ordered a size down from my usual ‘small’.

Here is a screen-capture of the print as it was advertised on social media. One of the things that I really liked about this print was the larger witch and kitty pattern, and that was probably the main reason why I had chosen to purchase this Halloween onesie over the ones that had been released by other vendors this year.

So, when I pulled this onesie out of its package after it arrived in mid-September, I was already feeling pretty disappointed. I had specifically ordered this onesie because I liked the larger pattern, and the final version that I received was drastically scaled down in comparison. To make matters worse, they also sent me the wrong size, and unfortunately it was way too big for me. In fact, my girlfriend who normally wears a 1XL-2XL was able to put on this size ‘small’ without a problem.

I used their contact form to e-mail them later that day or the next, but didn’t hear anything back for about a week. Finally, I tracked them down on instagram so I could send them a direct message about it there instead, asking for a refund or a replacement size. The exchange was polite, and they said that they would send out the correct size as soon as possible.

Three weeks later they sent me a follow-up e-mail to ask if my replacement had shown up, and when I said that it hadn’t yet, they issued me a refund instead. I’m still not sure if it somehow got lost in the mail, or if they just forgot to send me the correct size entirely. They did apologize for the confusion, and none of my one-on-one correspondences with the company were particularly negative, but I still left the situation feeling kind of underwhelmed.

Along with the weird sizing and print issues, there were other things that I didn’t like about the halloween onesie either. Compared to other onesies I’ve bought in similar or even cheaper price ranges (and I own quite a few, at this point), the material this was printed on felt really cheap to me. It was pretty thin, and even kind of see-through. I also didn’t feel like the colors were as vibrant in person as they appeared to be online.

Was it still cute? Yes. But overall I found the whole experience kind of disappointing, if I’m being totally honest. I was really, really excited about this onesie when I ordered it, and about trying a product from this company in general, but everything just fell kind of short of my expectations.

Would I buy from them again? Maybe, but probably not until after they’ve gotten passed some of the newer business growing pains. Until then, I would be cautious about ordering anything from them unless I saw photos of the finished product, rather than a mock-up sample.

That said, if you like their prints (and yes, I do think some of them are pretty cute) and want to check out their store for yourself, you can find them over at 🍩

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