What’s in My Bag: DD/lg Edition!

What’s in My Bag: DD/lg Edition!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know that I have an interest in DD/lg play, otherwise known as Daddy Dom / little girl (or Caregiver/little, to be more gender inclusive), and that I’ve been wanting to share more about those interests on my blog for some time now. For me, DD/lg isn’t really about age-play. I am 28, everyday, all of the time, and don’t feel like I’m regressing as a part of my play. Instead, DD/lg is my excuse to indulge in childish interests, playfulness, and to be extra silly without feeling like I have to hold back or act more ‘adult’. It’s also about my enjoyment of being overpowered by an older-feeling authority figure (whether or not that person is actually chronologically older than me), and giving myself the permission to allow someone else to care for me in whatever ways feel right for the both of us. I actually consider my little side (for lack of a better word) a switch, in that I enjoy both submission and bratty, mean girl topping when I’m in that headspace, so I’m happy to interact with like-minded littles (or middles!) and top-types equally in a variety of roles and situations.

Now that you know a little bit more about little-me (hehe!), let’s get on with what we’re here for:

What’s In My Bag: DD/lg Edition!ย 

My bag of choice is a Betsey Johnson “Donut” Train-case, as you can see in the header above. I love Betsey Johnson, donuts, and all things sweet, so for me it seemed like the perfect option. As you’ll see as we go through everything in my bag, there are quite a few things that go along with the ‘sweets’ theme, and this bag is able to hold a surprising amount of cute stuff!

On the outside of the bag I keep a rainbow cupcake luggage tag, and a couple of keychains. Sticking with the sweets/donut theme, I have a cute donut puppy plush from the Donutella Tokidoki line, and a cherry scented squishy creature from Smooshy Mushy that comes with its own little sippy-cup.

The first thing you’ll find after unzipping the bag is this soft, fluffy, kind of fucked-up Hanyo Usagi mini throw from Japan. Our little friend Hanyo Usagi seems to enjoy wrapping himself up nice and tight, eep, so I just had to have him. You’ll also find a plush Pusheen blindfold, and a small-sized Brita water bottle.

In the next layer you’ll discover a whole lot of FLUFF! I switch up which plushies I choose to travel with depending on my mood, outfit, the event, etc, but I almost always throw in at least one donut-themed plush (usually something from the Donutella line, or my scented Num Noms donut), and at least one plush that’s a little more interactive. The sleepy unicorn is from Amuse Japan and has a bell inside, the Popple on the bottom left flips into a ball, and the small pink bunny is a Nemuriale Sleep Aid that emits a heartbeat. I also always carry a stuffed animal backpack from Build-a-Bear, so I can choose a larger friend to bring along too. In this case, I picked Sharebear, whose fluffy head smells like chocolate!

Safely tucked under that layer are my portable consoles and video games. I usually travel with my Nintendo 3DS and/or Nintendo Switch, my Tamagotchi4u, and a pile of Amiibo cards. A lot of my little (and big!) friends own a 3DS, so there are often opportunities to play multiplayer games in groups, and I also like to game by myself to wind down at long events sometimes.

Continuing with the gaming and group activities theme, I also travel with a variety of card games. I usually only carry two or three different kinds at any one time, but here are a few that are on my current rotation: Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, Squarrels and Trick or Treat.

Puzzle books, activity books, colouring books, notepads, mad libs and stickers also make for pretty fun group activities. “I Spy” and “Where’s Waldo”-type books have been a favourite of mine since childhood, and a small collection of those books have managed to make it with me through many moves, along with some ‘choose your own adventure’ and activity books. Pop culture Mad Libs are particularly fun in large groups, and you can never go wrong with colouring books!

Should you find yourself at an event with ample space, it’s nice to have ‘outdoor’ toys as well. I like to carry various types of practice poi in my bag (right now I have my LED Podpoi and a set of Angel Wings), bubbles (which you’ll see in another photo shortly), and inflatable beach balls, but there are TONS of things that you could include in this category that would be super fun! Kites? Frisbees? Pinwheels? Dancing ribbon? The sky’s the limit!

Near the bottom of the bag you’ll find a neon Carebear pouch with a variety of tiny toys and accessories. Polly Pockets (which I collect!), a Yo-kai Watch with medallions, teddy bear hair elastics, an Oreo cookie compact mirror, a couple of cute necklaces, and a folding fan.

Tucked into a side pouch, you can find some of my favourite prop toys. Ice cream and popsicle bubble necklaces, a couple of magical girl wands, a paintbrush plush from Neopets, an I Spy Wonder Wand, a lollipop replica from Trick ‘r Treat, and a super kawaii compact from Sailor Moon. I’m hoping to add a Harry Potter wand to this pouch soon… assuming I can ever decide which one I want to buy.

In the opposite side pouch you can find even more accessories. This time: ear headbands! I change up which ones I throw in my bag depending on my mood, but here are a few of my favourites: Sparkly donut ears, Donutella ears, and Jiiiiigggllyyypufff Jiiggglyyyyyypuff.

Last, but certainly not least, is the newest addition to my littles bag: the Hello Kitty Instax Mini by Fujifilm. I had been eyeing this camera for what felt like FOREVER, so I was super happy when I got one for Christmas this year. It’s the perfect camera for capturing all of the evil little girl mischief that I might get up to, don’tcha think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

PS: In case you were wondering, I keep all of my kink/fetish gear in a bag separate from this one, including ‘cute’ and little-feeling kink toys. If you’d like me to make a second post talking about fun adult toys for Dd/lg or Cg/l players, definitely let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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