Review: Rocks-Off, Love in Chains Lust Linx

Review: Rocks-Off, Love in Chains Lust Linx

This fancy-looking kegel toy was kindly sent to me by Rocks-Off in exchange for an honest review, and it has left me with some mixed feelings. But before we get right into it, let’s take a moment to talk about the toy itself, shall we?

The “Love in Chains”, which is a part of Rocks-Off’s “Lust Linx” line, is made out of a soft, body-safe silicone chain, which weaves between two shiny, stainless steel balls, and ends with a metal finger-loop style handle. It offers about 5″ of insertable length, not including the handle, and weighs about 140g. The steel balls themselves are around 1″ in diameter.

Once I unpackaged and cleaned my Love in Chains (because cleaning your toys before use is always a good practice, not because it looked particularly dirty), I set about trying it in several different ways. The first time I used it, I decided to try it out as a vaginal kegel trainer while I was tidying around the house. I started by covering myself and the front-half of the toy with a generous amount of water-based lube, laid back on my bed with my legs apart, and slowly began to insert the first ball.

The first thing I noticed was how cold the stainless steel felt against my warm skin — brrr — and I made a mental note to run it under warm water before using it the next time. Ball number one slid in pretty smoothly, and I enjoyed the weight of it inside. Then I began to slowly insert the chains one at a time until I reached the second ball. That’s when I started to have a bit of difficulty. For whatever reason, the chain links started to feel kind of pinch-y at times, no matter how slowly I went or how much lube I applied. The chain links after the second ball were a lot harder for me to insert, instead they would wobble awkwardly to the side until I just pushed the entire width (instead of the length) of them in.

When I finally got the chain inserted all the way down to the handle, I did really enjoy the feeling of ‘fullness’ that it brought. Laying on the bed and clenching felt pretty delightful as I could feel the balls and chains shifting ever so slightly with my movement. Once I got up was a different story, though. For one reason or another, the chains had a tendency to slide out on me when I was walking around the house, no matter how much I clenched. The steel balls themselves stayed put without a problem, but my body just kept pushing out the lower half of chain. I also found the handle pretty irritating just walking around, and had to make sure to adjust it whenever I sat down.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t like it as a low-key ‘insert and mostly forget it’ kind of kegel toy. I have other sets that I like to wear around the house as trainers, but this one didn’t work well for me like that.

So the next time I tried my Love in Chains, I decided to focus on using it more like a masturbation aid. Ever since I started on my new meds (Lexapro, Aventyl, Klopolin and Yasmin, if you were wondering), I’ve found that my ability to orgasm has changed. It hasn’t disappeared, but I do find that I need a lot more stimulation than usual to achieve the kind of orgasms that I want to have. It used to be that I’d spend most of my time getting myself off with clitoral stimulation alone, but lately I’ve been craving all kinds of ‘fullness’. Buttplugs, gags, vaginal toys, I want them all, almost all of the time.

Lubing myself up once again, I went ahead and slowly inserted the length of the toy vaginally until I reached the handle. I still found the silicone chain to be finicky and pinchier than I’d like, but the handle wasn’t a source of annoyance in this position, and it was much more fun to gently tug and pull at while laying down. Using this in combination with my Magic Wand Rechargeable was just what I needed. That feeling of fullness as I ground my clit against the wand was enough to send me over the edge fairly quickly, clenching down hard as I climaxed.

Overall: The Love in Chains didn’t really work for me as a kegel trainer. I found it too awkward and pinchy, and my body didn’t like holding it in while I walked around. As a foreplay tool, an insertable for masturbation, or a unique toy to use with a partner who can take their time to slowly insert, tease and tug on it, I think that it’s pretty cool. I’d recommend it for people who are into having a variety of insertable toys to play with.

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