Listed below are some of the items that you can currently find in my toybox.
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Love It: Purple
Hate It: Red

Clitoral Stimulators

  • Lovense Ambi Bullet (Buy It)
  • We-Vibe Tango (Buy It)
  • Sqweel 2 
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 (Broken) (Read About It)
  • Satisfyer Pro 2: The Next Generation (Buy It)
  • Satisfyer Pro Penguin: The Next Generation (Read About It) (Buy It)
  • Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit (Buy It)
  • Satisfyer Pro Couples (Buy It)
  • Satisfyer Pro + Vibration (Buy It)
  • Womanizer Pro40 (Buy It)
  • CalExotics Entice Juliette Panty Teaser (Pink) (Silicone / ABS) (Buy It)
  • Doc Johnson’s The Kinky Cat (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Screaming O Moove Affordable Rechargeable Vibe (Purple) (Silicone) (Buy It)
  • JimmyJane Form 5 (Black) (Silicone) (Buy It)

Wand Massagers

Internal Vibrators / Stimulators 

  • CalExotics One Touch Jack Rabbit 
  • CalExotics L’Amour Desire 
  • Jopen Lust L11 (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Jopen Lust L4 (Pink) (Silicone)
  • CalExotics Silhouettes 17 (Purple) (Silicone)
  • Lovense Osci (Pink) (Silicone)

Dildos / Insertables

  • Tantus Compact Small (Red) (Silicone)
  • Tantus Rhythm Medium (Purple) (Silicone)
  • Tantus Atomic Small (Purple) (Silicone)
  • Tantus Goddess Handle Dildo (Purple) (Silicone)
  • ServantSextoys Stim (Blue) (Firm) (Silicone) (Read About It)
  • Split Peaches Unicorn Horn (Rainbow) (Silicone)
  • The Dodil (Silicone)
  • Happy Valley ? Medium (Red) (Silicone)
  • Happy Valley ? Medium (Blue) (Silicone)
  • Maia Toys Astral Dildo (Blue) (Silicone)
  • EasyToys Double Ended Dildo (Silicone) (Black)
  • Blush Novelties Luxe Mio (Orange!!) (Silicone)
  • NS Novelties Colors 5″ (Black) (Silicone)
  • Master Series Stainless Steel Lollipop

Anal Toys

  • Sasha Grey’s Billy Club
  • Master Series Glass Pig Tail 
  • Blush Novelties Candy Heart Plug 
  • NS Novelties Crystal Glass Plug
  • Tantus Little Flirt
  • Icicles No. 48 
  • Doc Johnson’s Heavenly Wonderland Plug (Red) (Silicone) (Read About It)
  • EasyToys Puppy Tail Plug (Black) (Silicone)
  • Princess Plug (Steel) (Blue)
  • Steel Anal Hook

Sex Machines

  • Sybian

Kegel Toys 

  • CalExotic CocoLicious Kegel Trainers 
  • Rocks Off Love in Chains (Silicone / Stainless Steel)
  • Ns Novelties Crystal Eggs

Electrical & Medical Toys

  • Doctor Clockwork’s Violet Wand Deluxe 
  • Doctor Clockwork’s Body Contact
  • ElectraStim Flick + Aura Plug
  • JimmyJane Hello Touch X
  • Zeus White Knight Electro Wand
  • Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Fantasy Wand
  • Tazapper
  • Lil’ Devil
  • Size Matters 12 Piece Deluxe Cupping Set
  • Acupressure Mat
  • Wartenberg Wheel x2
  • Orgasmatron Head Messager x2

Gags & Face Toys

  • Tantus Beginner Ball Gag (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Glow in the Dark Ball Gag (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Geeky Sex Toys Pumpkin Ball Gag (Orange) (Silicone) (Read About It)
  • Fetish Fantasy Sm Ball Gag (Purple) (Silicone)
  • Fetish Fantasy Sm Ring Gag (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Fetish Fantasy Bone Bit Gag (Pink) (Silicone)
  • Fetish Fantasy Extreme Compliance Kit (Various Attachments)
  • Master Series Funnel Gag
  • Small O-Ring Gag (Leather / Steel)
  • Halfway Creations Bit Gag (Black) (Leather, Tubing)
  • Halfway Creations Head Harness Gag (Red)
  • Ouch Bit Gag (Pink) (Wood)
  • DiyBondage Donut Gag (Donut!) (Leather)
  • Spider Gag (Metal) (Leather)
  • Degraded Mouth Spreader Gag (Metal)
  • CalExotics Stopper Gag (Black) (Silicone)
  • Large Shield Nuk 6 Paci (Lots!) (Various) (Silicone)
  • Small Shield Adult Paci x3 (Pink) (White) (Blue) (Silicone, ABS)
  • Feeding / Training Paci (Pink/Purple) (Silicone, ABS)
  • Broccoli Teether (Silicone)
  • Gameboy Nintendo Teether (Silicone)
  • RazBerry Teether Pacifier (Silicone)
  • Candy Pacifiers (Various) (Candy)
  • Nose Hook (Steel, Nylon)
  • Master Series Nose Shackle (Steel)
  • Blindfold (Black) (Pleather)
  • Fetish Fantasy Blindfold (Purple) (Silicone)
  • Strict Leather Face Harness/Muzzle (Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Face Veil (Black, Silver) (Leather)
  • Spandex Hood (Black)

Impact Toys

  • Raging Stallion’s Jack Boot OTK Paddle
  • Raging Stallion’s Jackboot Paddle
  • Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Paddle
  • Fetish Fantasy Textured Rubber Paddle
  • Fetish Fantasy Silicone Spade Crop
  • Asylum Prescription Pain Paddle
  • Sportsheets “Pig” Paddle
  • Master Series “Slut” Spanking Paddle
  • Leather Beaten Liquid Cane
  • Halfway Creation’s Daddy’s Belt
  • Halfway Creations Leather Paddle
  • Halfway Creations Rubber Strap
  • Halfway Creations Fur Leather Bat
  • Halfway Creations Leather Snake Bite
  • Halfway Creations Bunny Thumper Flogger
  • Halfway Creations Poi Floggers
  • Halfway Creations Dragon’s Tongue
  • Halfway Creation’s Snapper Whip
  • Halfway Creation’s Stinger Whip
  • RedLeather Small Leather Paddle
  • Spank Me Please, Sir Ruler
  • Frisky Silicone Flogger
  • Doc Johnson’s The Quad Premium Silicone Whip


  • Halfway Creations Tuff-Fuck Strap-on Harness (Mermaid Purple!) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Princess O-Collar (Purple & Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Princess Wrist Cuffs (Dark Purple & Lavender) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Locking O-Ring Collar (Purple & Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Locking Wrist Cuffs (Purple, Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Locking Ankle Cuffs (Purple, Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Leash (Purple) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations D-Ring Collar (Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Locking Wrist Cuffs (Black) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations ? Collar (Purple) (Leather)
  • Halfway Creations Thigh-to-Wrist Cuffs (Lavender) (Leather)
  • Doc Johnson Silicone Cuffs Small (Pink)
  • Doc Johnson Silicone Cuffs Large (Pink)
  • Heart Collar (Black) (Leather)
  • Bowtie Collar x2 (Pink) (Black) (Leather)
  • Bondage O-Ring Belt (Black) (Rubber)
  • Strict Leather Bondage Breast Binders with Spikes (Black) (Leather)
  • Babalon Leather Pentacle Harness (Black) (Leather)
  • Twisted Monk Hemp Rope (Purple) (30ft)
  • Pink Cotton Bondage Rope (100ft+, Various Lengths)
  • Nylon Rope (Various)
  • Coconut Rope (Various)
  • Pallet Wrap (Black) (Purple) (Clear)
  • Duct Tape (Purple) (Hello Kitty)
  • Nylon Bondage Straps (Black)


  • Alligator Clamps (Purple)
  • Chained Nipple Clamps (Black)
  • Clothespins (Lots!) (Various)
  • Bear Claws (Plastic)
  • KinkLab Vampie Gloves (Black) (Leather)
  • Fenis (Purple) (Silicone)
  • F*ck a Duck (Inflatable)
  • Markers (Various)
  • Body Paint (Various)
  • Body Oil (Various)
  • Balloons (Various)
  • Nylon Body Bags (Various)


  • ArtOfKink Saint Andrew’s Cross (Wood) (Purple Accessories)
  • ArtOfKink Rustic Collapsable Cage (Wood & Steel)
  • X-Pole (Chrome, 45mm, Spinning)

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